Virtual Retreat 2021

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Dates: 27th Dec. – 2nd Jan. 2022

The Healing & Alignment – Meditation VIRTUAL Retreat is a space for you to uncover your natural restorative abilities. You are held in a loving, caring environment that will nourish you. You’ll fire up your inbuilt happiness so your inner child can come out to play.

This Retreat is Finished.
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Virtual retreaters will receive all they need via Zoom calls and recordings created by the Colin Ellis of the Meditation Teacher College.

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Four meditation sessions per day available for you to attend (live or recorded*), plus one or two lessons (plus a meditation). Interaction is important so all your questions can be answered. Additional 1-1 support sessions via Zoom (without meditations) will be scheduled on request to ensure you gain all the support you need.

  • recorded* = the meditation sessions will be recorded and available until the next live session. Teaching sessions are recorded and available until the end of the retreat. No recordings will be available after the retreat. Nor for download at any time during the retreat. Recordings can be purchased for download for an additional fee.

Join Colin Ellis as he facilitates a small group in retreat over seven days. The first day will be settling-in. The last two days are for integration. Between, there are several days of gaining altitude using simple formal meditation and informal mindfulness practices. Then using the energy and power generated to dive into your True Nature and from there, heal the wounds of the past with grace and joy.

Join us on that journey and receive all the benefits (as much as your circumstance allows). Even if you are only able to attend less than 30% of the teaching and meditations, the value you receive will be immense!

Colin is known for teaching practical methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness –– using meditation as the primary tool. He says:

Retreats create quantum jumps in your personal evolution

This Retreat is Finished.
This page is for reference only

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Who is the Facilitator?

Colin Ellis has been on retreat more than some monks. Within 18 months of walking into a Buddhist centre for the first time in 1998, he was on a 9-month retreat. The first 3-months was a group retreat, in silence, focused on purification of Karma; then in solitude for a further 6-months. His latest 3-month solitary retreat was in 2020.
He is now the Lead Trainer for the Meditation Teacher College.