Retreat Finished

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This retreat is now finished

Live sessions via Zoom

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27th Dec – 2nd Jan

  • 10am GMT/UK (5am ET) – Teaching (20 min.) then 20 minute meditation
  • 1pm GMT (5am PT, 8pm ET) – meditation & optional Q&A
  • 3pm GMT (7am PT, 10pm ET) – meditation & optional Q&A
  • 6pm GMT (10am PT, 1pm ET) – Teaching (20 min.) then 20 minute meditation
  • 8pm GMT (12pm PT, 3pm ET) – meditation & optional Q&A
  • 10pm GMT (2pm PT, 5pm ET) – meditation & optional Q&A

The above schedule may change.


Do I need to go to every session?

No. You can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, and your schedule allows.

I will probably advise anyone wanting to do EVERY session to skip the 3pm GMT session but instead, go for a walk, have a nap, then eat before joining the 6pm GMT session. The 10pm GMT session is really for the people in the USA.

Do I need to have my video on?

No. I am asking for permission to record your voice –– if you ask a question or give feedback. Recordings are only for those on retreat with us.

What about confidentiality?

It is crucial for the integrity of the retreat that all participants promise to keep anything they hear from another participant as confidential. If you do NOT feel you can do this, I’ll have no choice but to cancel your registration and give your donation back.

Are the meditations guided?

Yes. But during the first 3 days, most (not all) are the same meditation –– so as to gain altitude (meditation power) –– and you’ll be given more and more ‘space’ to continue without a voice interupting. Unless people need a guiding voice more than space (which could be the case) 😀

Every session is for the people attending so your needs are met.

Is there FREE 1-1 support?

Absolutely. Tell me during a session or contact me between sessions to arrange a quick, private chat. These will usually be just before or after a group session. I will also contact you to ask how you are doing if you do not ask for a 1-1.

What happens if I miss sessions?

All the teachings are recorded, so you can catch-up, or re-connect with the material. A few meditations will also be available so you can do them outside the live sessions.

How much does it cost?

You are already registered. There is nothing more to pay.

I just donated a little because I didn’t know what to expect. If it is as awesome as you claim, can I donate more later?

Big fat YES! I understand your hesitance to give more for something when you have no idea of the value you will receive –– especially in a todays world full of hype. The college is a tiny, independent (no government money), not-for-profit, surviving on a shoestring and the good-will of one person –– focused on providing meditation –– to support your asperations for a better life. Rest assured, any contribution will go directly into providing the value you are receiving to those who are disadvantaged.