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Who is the app for?

It is for you, if you say YES to any of the following…

  • I want to improve my health, wellbeing, or achieve my goals in a way that is authentic and aligned with my deeper truths.
  • I’m interested in meditation and want to try it out.
  • I’m new-ish to meditation.
  • I’m confused about some aspects of meditation and looking for answers.
  • I love to be guided in meditation.
  • I want to be able to meditate without an app, a teacher, or prompts.
  • I meditate but I am not getting the results I expected.
  • I’m meditating and realise I need a teacher to help me progress.
  • I want to re-start my practice, but realise I need encouragement.
  • I’m looking for the RIGHT meditation teacher(s), who is in alignment with my view of the world, my values, and is able to take me further with my practice.
  • I need extra support to go alongside my meditation practice.

What does the app aim to provide?

You will find the following within the app – and the list will grow!

  • Guided meditations to try (new ones added every month).
  • Courses (live and recorded).
  • Ebooks, articles, tips, and other resources.
  • Live events – e.g., Virtual Retreats (and news about how to join them in person).
  • Resources to help you with your wellness and spiritual goals – e.g., a free Wellness Practitioner* directory. Plus your private Journal.
  • Meditation Teachers* – side-by-side (new teachers added every month).

There are always FREE meditations, ebooks, articles, journal, courses, and other resources – plus you can pay for more if you want more.

* Health & Wellness Practitioners and Meditation Teachers who would like to share their resources via the app: schedule a call with Colin

Who is the app owner?

The Meditation Teacher College is a not-for-profit company registered in the UK (based in the North East). The college aims to:

  1. Recognise every teacher has their own style, and their unique set of skills and preferences, and to support them in having the foundational knowledge they need to be a rounded, exceptional giuide to their students without losing their uniqueness.
  2. Provide CPD and retreat opportunities to teachers, aspiring teachers, and students/practitioners of meditation.
  3. Provide the means for meditation teachers to collaborate. The app is one way to encourage this to happen.
  4. Provide resources to those on their path to wellness, and achieving their goals. The app is the major resource for this.
  5. Be a part of, and support others in, the evolutionary shift in human consciousness (Awakening).

The college is not affiliated with any religion, guru or movement.

Anything scheduled for after launch?

  • Meditations from a few Meditation Teachers (audio only).
  • Articles and videos on various topics around wellness.
  • Articles and videos on meditation.
  • Free, live fireside chats with guided meditations and Q&A.
  • Free, exclusive, preview access to chapters of a new paperback published on 29th June 2022 – called “7 Ways to Meditate“. It is a new framework for understanding what meditation is (the 7 Types of meditation, and 7 biggest hurdles stopping people from meditating), and how to get the most from your practice.
  • Exclusive, FREE book readings of other books on Mindfulness for those with chronic stress & anxiety. E.g., “Stress, Anxiety & the Battle for Your Sanity” ~ by Q.C. Ellis

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Who is Colin?

Colin, aka author Q.C. Ellis, is the Lead Trainer at the Meditation Teacher College. He has been studying meditation for over 23 years. Highly renowned monks from various Buddhist traditions have guided Colin while on long retreats. He has been on several solitary, silent retreats for 3-12 months. His path was not to stay within a Buddhist tradition, but his pursuit of Enlightenment and continued insights haven’t stopped.

Colin is known for teaching practical methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness –– using meditation as the primary tool. He says, “Retreats create quantum jumps in your personal evolution“.